Tuesday, April 29, 2014


So I'm inspired by all the tutorials that I see on Pinterest and have tried a few out.  From now on I think I might just document my own projects on the blog.  We're not using it for much else anyway.

Project 1  - Bird Feeder

I wanted a bird feeder for the yard but wasn't too thrilled with the ones at the store, they were either too expensive or not cute so I, of course, turned to Pinterest.  I found a few that were sold on Etsy but I'd rather make my own so I copied the general idea.

I went to the local farmer supply store and picked up a chicken feeder for about $3.  It's made to screw into a mason jar (which I just happened to have!) and sit on the ground.  In order to elevate it, I grabbed some hemp cord I had laying around and just started tying knots.  Here's what I ended up with:

I should really go back and clean up the ends but I was too excited to get it up so the birds could snack!

After about a week I started seeing all sorts of birds including this beautiful cardinal and his mate.

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hikergene said...

I have such a great daughter. So talented. Can't wait to see the bird feeder in person.